Suitability Index Advanced Tool
This is a beta version of the Suitability Index Advanced Tool, please contact Jim Perdue and/or Tim Young with any questions, comments or suggestions. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Please go through Step 1 and 2 to select and review the Suitability Analysis factors.
Please go through the Query Builder step to select or set values of socio-economical and landscape factors.
Click on a Factor Name to reset Operator Filter and Factor Value Filter to its default values, i.e. all radio buttons and text boxes corresponding to this Factor Name will be unchecked and emptied, respectively.
In Step 2, enter a Zip Code (sets the spatial center of the suitability index search) and select a one-way truck driving distance (sets the spatial extent of the suitability index search).
Finally click on the "Map Suitability Index" button. If your Query Builder selections are erroneous or/and incomplete, a set of specific instructions to fix the query will be displayed below the map.
Note the results are displayed on the map at a ZCTA resolution, not a Zip Code resolution. The map displays ZCTAs boundaries from the 2010 Census. You can learn more about  ZCTAs by following this link.
The ZCTAs (if any) corresponding to your selections in Step 1 will be displayed on the map.
You can clear your Query Builder selections and delete the query results displayed on the map by clicking on the "Clear Query and Map" button.
Mouse over a ZCTA on the map and an information window will appear, displaying several socio-economical and landscape factors.

Step 1: Query Builder
Build your own query by selecting and setting Suitability Factors for Forest or Agricultural Land Use
Operator Filter     Factor Name     Factor Value Filter (include-exclude or numerical value)
Federal Land         More about Federal Land
   Unsuitable Ecoregions         More about Unsuit. Ecoregions
   Cropland         More about Cropland
   Forestland         More about Forestland
   Growth to Removal Ratio (%)                 <
   Slope (%)                 <
   Cultivated Land Area Ratio (0 to 1)                 <
   Forest Land Area Ratio (0 to 1)                 <
   Urban Land Area Ratio (0 to 1)                 <
   Water Land Area Ratio (0 to 1)                 <
   Median Family Income ($/year)                 <
   Farm Net Income ($/year, Farm Income - Non Farm Income)                 <
   Road Density: Road Length / Land Area (km/sq. km)                 <
   Population Density (people/sq. mile)                 <
   Household Unit Density (household unit/sq. mile)                 <
   Household Density (household/sq. mile)                 <

Step 2: Enter your ZIP code of interest and Select a one-way truck driving distance
ZIP Code:            
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