BioSAT Kansas One-ZIP Analysis
BioSAT Kansas One-Zip Analysis estimates the transported biomass quantities, cumulative transported biomass quantities, number of truck loads, round-trip trucking distances, resource, harvesting, transportation, total, and marginal costs for supply zones (ZCTAs) surrounding a demand site (ZIP Code) for a specific agricultural or forest biomass. Supply ZCTAs within the user-selected trucking distance supply radius with at least one full truck load are included in the analysis.
If the Forest biomass group is selected, mill layers can be overlaid on top of the base map and result layers (transported quantity, marginal cost, federal land, and population).

Enter a 5-digits demand ZIP Code: Select a supply radius (miles):*
Select a biomass group:
Select an agricultural residue:

Select a unit for analysis results:
Select exclusion parameter(s) for initial list of supply ZCTAs:


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