BioSAT Kansas Top Sites Analysis
BioSAT Kansas Top Sites Analysis iteratively performs supply quantity constrained one-ZIP analyses for each ZCTA (demand site) in the state of Kansas. The Top Sites Analysis sorts the demand sites and its corresponding supply ZCTAs (bio-basin) by average cost per unit of biomass. This tool estimates the transported biomass total quantities, total number of truck loads, number of supply ZCTAs in each bio-basin, top site order, total, average, and median marginal costs for each demand site that reached the requested amount of biomass within the selected trucking supply radius. These results can be found in the table below the map. Each demand site (ZCTA) in the table links back to the detailed one-ZIP analysis, constrained by supply quantity (as opposed to the regular one-ZIP analysis which is unconstrained).
If the Forest biomass group is selected, mill layers can be overlaid on top of the base map and result layers (transported quantity, marginal cost, federal land, and population).

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