Federal Land Map

Federal Land List
Agricultural Research Service ARS National Monument NPS
Air Force DOD National Park NPS
Army Corps of Engineers DOD National Parkway NPS
Army DOD National Preserve NPS
Bureau of Prisons DOJ National Recreation Area BLM
Bureau of Reclamation BOR National Recreation Area FS
Central Intelligence Agency CIA National Recreation Area NPS
Department of Defense DOD National Reserve NPS;
Department of Energy DOE National River NPS
Department of Transportation DOT National Scenic Area FS
Forest Reserve BLM National Seashore NPS
General Services Administration GSA National Wild and Scenic River NPS
Indian Reservations BIA National Wildlife Refuge FWS
Marine Corps DOD Navy DOD
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Other BLM
National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA Public Domain Land BLM
National Battlefield NPS Purchase Unit Block FS
National Battlefield Park NPS U.S. Coast Guard DOT
National Capital Park NPS TVA
National Conservation Area BLM United States Department of Agriculture USDA
National Fish Hatchery FWS Waterfowl Production Area FWS
National Forest FS Wilderness BLM
National Grassland FS Wilderness FS
National Historic Park NPS Wilderness FWS
National Historic Site NPS Wilderness NPS
National Lakeshore NPS Wilderness Study Area BLM
National Mall NPS Wilderness Study Area FS
National Memorial NPS Wilderness Study Area FWS
National Military Park NPS Wilderness Study Area NPS
National Monument BLM Wildlife Management Area FWS
National Monument FS