BioSAT Guide
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The BioSAT (Biomass Site Assessment Tools) web system helps rapidly screen and optimally site cellulosic biomass collection or processing centers by zip-code tabulation for the 33 Eastern states.

BioSAT focuses on:
  • Supply chain cost and logistics from farm/forest gate to collection or conversion facitlity
  • Maps and displays up-to-date baseline data for public and business leaders
  • Assess the availability of woody and agricultural derived biomass
  • Identifies local market conditions
  • Reduces screening time in locating favorable sites for biomass business

BioSAT will assist in answering questions such as:
  • Where are the biomass sources?
  • What are the biomass supply options and costs?
  • Have I chosen the right location?
  • What are the biomass locations' opportunities/ contstraints?
  • What are my delivered resource supply costs?

Explore BioSAT's User Guide and Interact with BioSAT models at the BioSAT Guided Assessment.

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