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The BioSAT Project
Update Notice: BioSAT is a research project in progress. The system has update capabilities combined with additional research targeted to continuously adding innovation and utility. From time to time you will see updates and new features.
New Feature: Suitability Index
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The BioSAT Final Report is available
Final Report
Cost Updates
Trucking costs are based on 05/07/2012 diesel prices and May 2011 truck drivers' hourly median wage.
Harvesting costs are based on 03/28/2011 diesel prices.

BioSAT stands for Biomass Site Assessment Tools.

BioSAT fuses layers of spatial and economic data together to create a relational database for geographic-based economic cost assessment for woody and agricultural residue biomass collection or processing demand centers.
The resolution of the BioSAT model is by five-digit zip-code tabulation area (ZCTA) for the 33 Eastern states.
BioSAT's ability to regularly update base-line market conditions extends the public research value over time. It takes full advantage of today's information technology systems to simplify the process of acquiring answers to complex questions.
The integrated suite of site assessment tools provide a web-based economic decision-making framework for agricultural and forestry biomass that appeals to a broad client base by providing supply chain cost and logistics for cellulosic biomass markets and products.
BioSAT focuses on:
  • Supply chain cost and logistics from farm/forest gate to collection or conversion facility
  • Maps and display up-to-date baseline data for public and business leaders
  • Assess the economic availability of woody and agricultural-derived biomass
  • Identifies local market conditions
  • Reduces screening time in locating favorable sites for full business case due diligence

In 2007, the U.S. Forest Service, Southern Research Station and the Southeastern SunGrant Center at the University of Tennessee formed a partnership to provide research, policy, and business practitioners with innovative, biomass to energy, research that accommodates regional differences in available biomass supplies, infrastructure capacities, and environmental benefits for the South and beyond.

The "BioSAT Web System" received a 2009 Innovator Award from The Southern Growth Policies Board (Southern Governors) for innovative research vital to "The Future of Southern Energy".
USDA Forest Service; The Southeastern Sun Grant Center; The University of Tennessee; North Carolina State University; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; U.S. Department of Energy; U.S. Department of Transportation; and U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities.
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